RIP Coleridge Goode 1914-2015

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It is with the deepest sadness that I share the news of the passing of my very dear friend and mentor, the Jamaican bassist, Coleridge Goode. He died at his home in West London following a heart attack at 8pm on Friday 2 October.

It was my great privilege to have celebrated his 100th birthday with Coleridge and his wonderful family last November, and I’d really hoped we would be marking his 101st with him this year. Sadly this was not to be.

I’ll write in more detail soon, but just wanted to share this very sad news with friends and fans of Coleridge.

My heartfelt condolences go to Coleridge’s children – daughter, Sandy and son, James. And coming not so long after the passing of Coleridge’s beautiful wife, Gertrude (23 June 2015) makes this all the more sad.

If you’d like to leave a message of condolence, please feel free to do so here under ‘Comments’ or you can use the Coleridge Goode Facebook Page set up for his 100th birthday – I’ll be passing on any messages to Coleridge’s family directly.

Rest in sweet musical peace my dear, dear friend, Coleridge. We are all going to miss you.


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  1. Sorry to hear the news. A true gent and fine musician. Had the privilege of interviewing him back in 2004 for a BBC doc. He was superb: generous, warm, funny. He can play on with Joe Harriot.


    1. I first heard Coleridge playing with Joe Harriot.Thank you for some wonderful musical memories.R.I.P


  2. I remember Coleridge well, from the days of Iggy Quayle’s band. What a lovely man. RIP.


  3. We have lost great musician and innovator (he pioneered string bass amplification). On behalf of the hundreds of budding players he welcomed on to the jam session bandstand and encouraged: Thank you, thank you Coleridge you are a wonderful gentleman. Rest in sweet peace.


  4. Very sad that I was unable to make his 100th birthday party. I have fond memories of singing with him when I first joined Michael Garrick’s sextet many years ago. What amazed me was that he was still so interested and enthusiastic about music until the end. He and Gertrude were an extraordinary couple. Remembered with love, Norma Winstone


  5. I wrote about Coleridge for my book, “God’s Zoo”, and when I interviewed him at length about his life, both he and Gertrude were an absolute paragon of sweetness and grace. I feel privileged to have met him. Marius Kociejowski


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