Nation’s Favourite Motown Song

ITV Nation's Favourite Motown Song

Did you see the Nation’s Favourite Motown Song on ITV on Sunday night? It was great! I’d forgotten how expansive the catalogue actually is and, in particular, how many great intros they created (with some equally great bass lines!).

Seriously, the Motown Hit Factory had some of the most extraordinary songwriting talent in their midst. That their music endures – cross-generation across generations – is testament to their supreme craftsmanship (no pun intended). I’ve seen adult audiences singing and dancing along to Jazz Jamaica’s version of Mary Wells’ My Guy, whilst my youngest daughter and her friends were Dancing In The Street (or rather in our living room!) and hitting up the Motown catalogue at her birthday party just a few weeks ago.

So I think regardless of age, the Motown catalogue continues to hold a fascination for those who just appreciate great music.

If you missed the ITV programme, you can catch it on the ITV Player until 2 August. And, of course, you can catch Jazz Jamaica All Stars live Motown extravaganza, Love Motown! for one night only at Royal Festival Hall, London on Friday 19 July with our friends from Urban Soul Orchestra, Beverley Skeete, Noel McKoy and the incredible Southbank Centre Voicelab choir.

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