When Bootleg = Good News

John Coltrane-A Love Supreme album coverAfter a great gig last weekend at Jazz Cafe – the place where my group, Jazz Jamaica was born – as part of the London International Ska Festival, I’m heading off to Leicester with my quartet on Saturday, 26 April to mark 50 Years of John Coltrane‘s superb recording:  A Love Supreme. We’ll be performing as part of the 2nd Bootleg Jazz Festival held at The Cookie.

Bootleg Jazz Festival logo

Note, this is a change in programme as I had originally arranged to present Groundation but we had to change plans at the last minute.  Although the Festival has been fantastic in accommodating the change in band, unfortunately their website is still showing the old programme. So, ignore that and read this instead!

Encapsulating the redemptive spirit of the 1960s, award-winning bassist and band leader, Gary Crosby pays homage to one of the most influential and inspiring albums in the jazz canon, John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme to mark its 50th Anniversary year. With his outstanding quartet – including Denys Baptiste (tenor sax), Joe Armon-Jones (piano) and Rod Youngs (drums) – tonight’s performance of this all-time classic will bring you the closest you may ever get to feeling the spirit of Coltrane in a live situation.

It’ll be great to play with my sparring partners, Denys and Rod and to have another Tomorrow’s Warriors alumnus, Joe on piano (reminds me of a young Andrew McCormack) on the gig. 

Hope very much to see lots of my Leicester-based family and friends turn out for this show. It’s a very special piece of music that has stood the test of time and you need to be there to experience it!

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